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Philosophy of life

My philosophy of life is to do things that I like and enjoy. My decisions in business environment and in free time are directed by this vision. When I start something, I will give my 100 per cent for that. I get things done. It is important to find a job that offers potential for developing skills, which I want to be best at. Also, I want commit to my job and say “this is how WE do things at…” (put your company name here).

My education is Master of Business and Administration (M.B.A). My field of interest is data-driven digital marketing

Now to the serious talk. My main digital marketing expertise is from the following areas:

    • Facebook advertising
    • Search engine optimization
    • Google Adwords

Lately, I have been interested in strategic decision-making and digital strategy of eCommerce companies. How different channels are supporting each other? How budgeting is affecting to results? I like to be analytical and back up decisions with numbers. I have expertise from the following tools

    • Google Analytics (tracking multiple channels, segmenting)
    • Microsoft Excel (pivots, charts, formulas)
    • Power Editor and Smartly (Facebook marketing tools)

…and hundreds of tools not listed here.

Digital marketer cannot do ones job if not familiar with data. I like to work individually and be effective. Still, it is nice to speak with people and share some thoughts. Best ideas comes from sharing own views.




Junior Digital Marketing Manager

Managing the entire digital marketing process of an ecommerce company in co-operation with my colleague Joni Salminen.


Senior Digital Marketing Planner

Plan and execute digital marketing for customers including B2B and B2C clients. Marketing goals are ranging from getting the wide media coverage to generate direct leads and sales. Majority of customers are operating in Finland but occasionally digital marketing is executed for international companies.

Developing the media buying function, for example, taking advance of marketing automation solutions. In addition, improving the use of data on planning and execution phases of all marketing operations. The effective use of data makes it possible to design creatives that has an optimal fit with the target audience.



Master of Business and Administration (M.B.A)

Major: Information System Science // Minors: Marketing and Computer Science


Read more at LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/saleniustommi.

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